Sunday, April 15, 2012

boys cars party with buddies

The boys turned 4 on april 1st..we had a small party at home on their actual birthday because it was sunday,and then did a friend party.. they were thrilled to go to the play place.. and may I say that while I love to decorate this rocked i was able to enjoy the day with my boys.. I gave the people decorations and they put them all up, they brought in pizza and pop and cupcakes.... so worth every penny, because I got to play with my kids on their special day instead of worrying about everything..  it meant so much more.. to just spend time with the people I love most...good lesson learned for me. Also instagram for android came out.. I'm  hooked I love it!..its the one reason I wanted an I phone but I hated the price.. I think it ridiculous for a phone... and I love apple...but the rates in canada are horrible...anyways I love instagram.....!

my beautiful blue eye baby I JUST ADORE HER!
 Harrison loves.. and I mean LOVES pizza. I don't let him have it all the time because its packed with gluten and dairy but on special occasions I let him dig in .. he was more than thrilled
 cute lil grey man doing flips on the mats

 Brandons just a big kid too
 cupcakes and pizza.. best day ever.. he told me.. mom I love parties! and he asks for one every day...
 didn't have to set up a thing it was heaven

 these guys are such good buddies just like their mammas
harrison scaling high mountains

 ball fights with dad. we basically had the whole place to ourselves it rocked! pays to drive half an hour away from the city.
 they reached the top!
Happy 4th birthday my buddies I'm so proud of you and all you have learned the last year. And for making me a better mom and person. I hope you see how much your dad loves you too... he was so excited to throw you around and play.

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