Saturday, March 3, 2012

The art of eating dinner

 one of brandons and mine favorite parts of our trip was eating dinner...why you ask....3 kids not yelling at me for more juice/ketchup, stop hitting me, hes in my spot,throwing things off their plate..more juice...going to dinner evey night and having long conversations, where wed just laugh..was one of the best parts..i wanted to remember how aweosme it was so we took a picture of us ready for dinner one night...we still had swimsuits on for a late midnight dip in the i didnt want to bring the camera to we took some by our room before going down to the beach...i posed..and forgot it was on sport shot so it did 6 in a row..I wasnt prepared for it..but brandon laughed and said lets do that again...thus..we have the next couple of pictures...I love when he gets crazy..

 I know a tad scary

                         this is my fav of brandon HAAA

 yes you are a being a vey good matador lol oh man we were hyper

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