Thursday, March 1, 2012

were back from mexico

we had such an amazing trip to mexico,glad to have my bed back, happy to have my babies back too. Our flight was delayed out of mexico becaus ethere was really bad weather in montreal so basically we got back to calgary at 5 in the morning. and the boys woke up at 630...needless to say we are hiding our giant bags under our eyes with some sunglasses this week. We brought back some shirts for the boys{ which greyson wont take off his wizard..lizard... iguana shirt} and some sundresses for coco and evia. Such a big thank you to my sister cacia and her fab husband david for driving
 from salt lake to watch our kids..
You'll never know what that meant to us. We needed to get away and just be together.  regroup...breathe.. be together..have fun together..and come back better parents 
And you two... sacrificing that for us, meant the world to me. It was also a blast to see my niece.
 I miss her so much already.

So the next couple days.. will be pics from our trip to see the ruins, a crazy bus ride in cancun..ect...

adios peeps

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