Thursday, February 16, 2012

and farmers market 1 week after

Sooo loved it so much last week i went this week with Brooke.. its amazing how tight of a cousin bond these guys makes me happy because I grew up without my cousins being close. And I see how much fun they have together..literally makes my heart we go to the play place again...had to take both boys to the bathroom ..and jump over the netting to get there cars that they threw over the slide/ brooke was feeding babies..we were both juggling 3 kids.. I knew people were we each have a set of twins and 2 more...Just call us the sisterwives! lol... anyways we were quite the show with our double strollers and 6 kids under 4. But I know they had fun and I had fun just chillin with brookie. So we went to the slushie bar..thank you greyson..and the guy remembered him from last time! too cute.. He took pictures of the kids for us and they all felt so special sitting up at the bar. It was a good day.

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