Thursday, February 16, 2012

farmers market excursion

I love the farmers market... It's sad they don't really have one where I used to live in utah because man are they missing out....fresh produce thats in season.. french bakeries, authentic cuisines from chinese to thai -theres a huge amount of chinese and east indian people that live in Canada so we get all the yummy goodness that come along with so much culture. They call canada a cultural mosaic where everyone that comes here keeps so much of their heritage vs the american melting pot. I love that I can teach my kids about different cultures by driving 15 minutes to the markets or to chinatown.

anyways on with our adventure.. so last week on friday when Harrison was at school.. greyson was super bored.. we'd been cooped inside all week because coco had been sick. so she finally was feeling better and I decided to get out of the house...we went the french pastry shop and got some fresh macarons.. arn't they just beautiful..and I have to say after eating the ones here..they don't taste like the ones in paris.. they were too chewy and real french ones have a crunchy shell. I also think the ones here are to sugarie..thats how you can tell a real french pastry...the chocolate is dark..and theres almost a bittersweet taste to many of their items. In fact their hot chocolate has no add sugar cubes..kind've like tea. I ordered a chocolate eclair and croissant for Brandon beacase they didn't have any millefeuille- those are his favorites- the chocolate stuff.

So next we go check out the flower shop.. this isn't any floral shop.. they have hundreds of flowers that you can pick individual stems from and they will make a bouquet on the's awesome.. I love it, because I have such a crazy taste in flowers its fun to get a bunch and take them home and make an arrangement myself. Sometimes I do this on days where I'm super just bring me down to earth..nature has a way of calming me.

so we wander and greyson gets thirsty so we stop at this no additives slushie place..gotta love granola people..he decides to make greyson a rainbow slushie... he loved it his eyes got huge and he was thrilled about this magical what have I heard about non stop for 2 weeks...rainbow slushies...MOM LETS GO GET A RAINBOW DRINK! everythings rainbow.  Greyson cracks me up. He's so informative and remembers everything I tell him. I have to say when I go out now the kids stay by me.. its still a gong show.. but its getting so much easier..that I dont feel like I have to cry every time I get back into my car with 3 kids that are also losing their minds. I cant believe how much easier it feels this year. I definitely felt my blessings this week. I can tell I'm being taken care of.

 I have to say I appreciate  the market so much more now that I shop for a child on the spectrum... everythings gluten free- it saves my life. I'm also getting tested for celiac since my dad and sister both have it. I feel so healthy when I buy food there. I also order my produce from a company called spud.. who delivers fresh organic produce to my door every other week.. its awesome I LOVE IT!  IT makes me cook with vegetables and fruits more.. And I feel like there's no extra chemicals or things that could bug Harrisons sensitive little body.

 so last event of the day..we played in their cute farm playplace and totally wore them out..and on the way home they both fell asleep... so I had the rest of the afternoon to cuddle and read books with Harrison when he got home.. it was such a chill day.. and I loved just own little town. And hanging out with my buddies.

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