Friday, March 9, 2012

downtown cancun

 we played bingo at the hotel and brandon won a shirt with this club on his shirt we saw it when we went downtown and took a picture, just because it's funny to us.

 hold on for dear life!
 party bus party bus!
 really I'm dying laughing in this picture, you had to be on this bus it was insane

One of my favorite parts of traveling is mixing with the local, going to the markets. I love love love to barter, totally have my fathers genes, Brandon admits he gets impressed with how well I barter. We took the bus into the market area, and the bus is insane goes crazy fast, they leave teh door open theres a guy who's sitting on the dash of the bus as well as a guy right by the open door and the music is super loud,.. and I thought it was awesome- sometimes it's nice to not have so many rules,I know they are to keep us safe, but It was fun, and I enjoyed laughing at the crazy guys at the front of the bus who I thought were going to die every time we went over a bump. on our way back we stopped to swim on the bigger beach, and I loved this tree, once again, I have this thing with trees. 

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