Friday, March 16, 2012

funny sayings from the kiddos

greyson...gets bit at school he goes and tells his teacher suravi....  through crocodile tears...colton did not choose the right ..jesus would be sad. Suravi called me on the phone and said he was very matter of fact trying to explain choosing the right to her. IT made my day knowing things were teaching him are sinking in. That he loves primary... also at joels birthday last week greyson hold joels hand.. he thinks awww how cute.. then greyson wipes his chocolate filled mouth with joels hand...oh i truly have boys..

harrison- is really into saying his prayers right now, hes the only one allowed to say them  he folds his arms super tight...and says ...NO MY TURN.. heavly father thanks for the day thank you for fynn mcmissel thanks you for mine mqueen.. I love treats.. help us to be nice at school and choose the the name of JESUS CHRIST AMEN.( he screams the end ) also at joels birthda he ran to the front door and said papa! Come see your cake! he really loves birthdays. We have a youtube video of coco he loves to watch where we sing happy birthday to her, so he knows theres a party. And right before this picture he bends down and licks the cake.. we were dying with laughter.. he just couldnt wait!

chloe fell down the stairs and was crying. she came up to me sat in my lap put her head down and said..coco fall, She also has started spinning and every dress is a princess dress. Also when Acacia and David where here they left a treat bag.. my kids love these, and she sits on the couch every morning and goes.. where my treat mom?

Also the snow has somewhat melted and they've been on the trampoline every day, we're shocked how much coco has grown from last year, and how she dosn't get as frustrated with the boys bouncing her now. Thank heavens for spring, it feel so wonderful.

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