Sunday, April 15, 2012

best picture ever...and boys 4th birthday

 my first born big boy greyson with the infamous cake picture and three minutes behind him...
 my second born trying so hard to lick the plate.. the cake is actually cupcakes.I loved this idea and wanted to try it out! totally sold on it! you cant see well in the pictures but I filled a punch bowl with cars for a centerpiece.. loved it!
 HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY BOYS! we sing to them individually.. they love it.. and harrison will watch the video over and over again and smile.. he actually just loves parties

 wheres mine mom?
 take a look at this picture.. i just happened to catch it at the exact right moment.. we laughed for an hour over this picture.. the boys were so excited to get the whole cars set! and some hot wheels tracks...

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