Saturday, May 5, 2012


I woke up feeling grateful today for my blessings, Harrison is talking so amazingly, His sweetness is shining through more and more, all our therapy got approved and we got an agency, my kids go to an amazing preschool, my husband has an amazing job, I'm greatful I have my shop, which lets me create, and makes me happy, my kids are healthy, I'm healthy, Brandons healthy.... I woke up and the sunshine poured on my face and it just made me so happy...and for the first time in two years, everything felt normal, and I was happy smiley bree again. Yes life is still stressful with 3 youngins, but I feel like I can handle it, Its true when you ask for help from the saviour you can hardly feel the burdens on your shoulders. I'm greatful for blessings and for a new perspective on life. So so greatful.

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