Tuesday, May 29, 2012

when it rains

warning bree venting...
I'm usually a greatful person and can see the silver lining... but today..I'm just not

autism... sucks
divorce in your family... sucks
greyson getting hsp ( his feet are swollen today and he cant walk- their may be long term affects on his kidneys.. they say it dosn't go away in some kids)  totally sucks... I'm worried sick about him...sucks
best friend moving away... sucks
feeling like I should close the shop...sucks
me feeling like I just cant take one more thing in life...sucks


  1. Oh honey, I'm so sorry! I wish I were closer to you! I will include you in my prayers. HUGS!!!

  2. Ouch, sounds like life is giving you a hard one right now. Im not going to give you any of that "its always darkest before the dawn" crap.

    Sometimes life just sucks and we need some time to vent and scream and cry. I give myself about 15 min to cry and rant and feel sorry for myself, and then I try to get on with the day until tommorrow when I get another 15 min to do the same thing.

    Come to Yoga on Friday. Its cleansing, seriously.

    Luv Ya!