Tuesday, May 29, 2012

greyson gets sick

so about a week ago the day after mothers day greyson came in and showed me his leg it looked like he had been eaten alive by mosquitos, I know he has bad reactions to them so I put him in the  tub gave him some benadryl and thought nothing of it..then the next morning he couldn't walk...i thought he was faking so I sent him to school, and when the teacher called and said he wouldn't walk I felt really bad...so  Brandon drove home and took him into urgent care while I stayed with the other munchkins they thought his leg might be broken because his knee was so swollen- came back not broken...and then his body started to break out in a rash,they were not sure what it could be so at about 11 am they transferred us to the children's hospital, they got him an iv and started him on antibiotics to make sure there wasn't an infection in his leg- until his blood test came back, they also scoped his knee to see if any fluid was inside to make sure there wasn't anything in the joint, poor guy was so brave they gave him a sedative to help him forget about the pain, brandon had to hold him down he was so strong- they said it would almost be like the equivalent of him being drunk..wish they'd told us that before they gave it, oh well he was out of pain, Brandon said he should never get drunk because he'd be an angry drunk. So Brandon had to work th next morning so I drove up to the hospital- about 2 am they admitted us, and we slept until about 9 am when the drs came to do rounds- they said it would take 3 days to see if anything grew on the biopasy - so to make sure it wasn't bacterial- they'd keep an eye on him and research more on the weird rash so we waited and he was brave with so many blood tests.
They came back for rounds the next morning and said they thought it was something called hsp- a form of vasculitis that causes the joints to swell a bad rash called purpra on the legs but and arms, and swelling in the forehead and joint areas. It also affects the kidneys and can cause painful stomach issues- so they watched him a couple days more bloodwork to make sure his kidneys are ok, they finally let us go 4 days later so a 5 day hospital stay - and he got to come home the week after his forhead got swollen so only one eye would open his feet swoll up so he couldn't walk again- and the rash looked like chicken pox times 10-Brandon and I were so beyond exhausted and worried- but basically they cant do anything because its a virus that his body just reacted to badly- so ibprofun to keep him out of pain and making sure he didnt pee blood was all we could do.
Luckily the alberta childrens hospital has fun nights so he wasn't quite so miserable..heres a couple pictures- such a brave boy- I'm just praying their arn't kidney issues down the road and he dosn't have a relapse,praying for blessings.

brave boy getting his iv
 they had pet night bingo night art night and movie night at the hospital as part of a program called child life- this greyhounds name was greyson too- he loved the dogs! they even took a picture right then and there and developed it and he decorated a frame the next day for it.

 He loved chatting with the nurses- he nicknamed the bloodpressure an arm hug the vital tape a glow toe and he asked for the stethascope every time to listen to the nurses hearts too- he was very interested in all the medical equipment including the bed he'd count to ten and push the buttons and say blast off making thebed go up and down , all the dr's would laugh when they'd do rounds because greyson is just a hilarious kid. they wanted to see his rash so he pulled down his pants and shook his bum, everyone doubled over laughing,the nurses blushed and the young guy drs gave him a high 5- also this kid loved the pajamas- and the fact that he could push a button and the nurse would come- hed then ask for a popcycle- and would want to go with the nurse- those nurses just loved him, it helped that he was on the floor with the babies- so greyson was very entertaining!

Finally brothers back together- they missed each other and wanted to sleep in the same bed

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