Wednesday, July 18, 2012

bear lake family pictures why its my happy place

I love bear lake,  we started the tradition the year the boys turned 1 and since then its been my favorite thing all summer every summer to do , so we trek form calgary to utah, and spend a week as a family on a resort with a beach pool open till 10 p.m parks bbqs the beach, an ice cream shop snow-cone shack little store tennis courts ect. I love that it always has so much to do. and when I'm there i feel like I'm living my life to its full potential. I'm so glad we got family pictures done here,it was beautiful and they are such serene sweet pictures of my kids that I just treasure them..taken by aya photography based out of logan utah.

 i love this one of the boys where it looks like they are surfing

 harrison is also always so happy here, swimming all day, yep basically his favorite thing ever

 and cheeseball greyson, he loves driving grandpas boat, and hanging out with daddy all week.
 my siblings and parents

 i adore this one- its totally our family, water sunshine and hugs.

 whats funny is this shot we were just doing for fun, petending to be serious, and it actualy turned out really pretty! lol

 love my brandon- he even wore a fedora for me
 my cute mom and dad -they are freaky love birds
 all of us on our fav beach

until next year bear lake we love you!

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  1. That last pic of you is my ALL TIME FAVE! Just so you know, I've always loved it! And You! I MISS YOU! Let's make Utah memories!