Wednesday, July 18, 2012

vintage market

I love when the coolest people find my shop on etsy through the tool shop local.. Miss Erin the event coordinator for the east village found my shop and invited me to attend the vintage market...I knew lots of people would be there so I really had to amp up my booth, figure out what I wanted to do
 I found these plain old barrel displays and decided i wanted to color coordinate my product with my display for easy shopping, and who dosn't love when things are in rainbow order?.. ok maybe im psycho. My couch was also for sale and I sold it yay,, from junkyard crap to treasure.
 i made 200 cowboy fascinators for the stampede( as it was alos this week and we had 1,000's of tourists here looking for cowboy gear!), needless to say I was exhausted after this market.
 all set up and meeting my neighbors, this market was unlike any other Ive been in, they hand selected the shops so the feeling of the place would be cohesive, so everyone there had the same taste!, I met a lot of my teammates on the alberta street team, and could finally put a face to their etsy avatar, where we talk in our etsy forums. So that was a blast.
colored barrels and coordinating pieces by color- along with a cute tag on each barrel showing how you wear it. and mirrors attatched with ribbon so people could see what they looked like on.
all in all a fun market and I almost sold everything!

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