Wednesday, July 18, 2012

letters from paris

I was clearing out my email inbox and happened to stumble on this letter we wrote home when brandon and I were in paris...had to keep it for memory's sake

Brandons writing this to everyone

HI everyone its Brandon and Bree! We're in Paris and having an amazing time! We wanted to say HI to everyone! We found an internet cafe which has much cheaper rates than the hostels to use the internet. So here we are!  this week we went to Disneyland  it was fun we did that first thing after the usual eiffel tower stuff ect we rode the rer (bigger train than the metro) about an hour to disneyland from paris-and saw some english people get caught without tickets, no no no., Because we're here in october they had a villains parade it was cool, it was very busy. Must have been because it was a saturday. They had lots of halloween things, and a pumpkin guy faked kiss bree, and scared her it was very funny.

 next day..We went up the towers of notre dame, it was cool. Saw the big bell up there. Everything is all wooden and creaky not what you'd expect..very cool wish id done it on the mish now. We did the river cruise last night, bree liked it lots. they played french music while saw all the buildings, she said it reminded her of les miserables. Everything was lit up and sparkly. She didn't know the eiffel tower sparkled. She freaked out. Hilarious

We had crepes and they are good. Bree had a chocolate and bannana and I had a  stawberry jam. We have had french sandwiches (baguette, ham and cheeese) for lunch almost everyday this week, it's bree's favorite. Tonight we are going to try to find the hard rock cafe. Finally get enough to drink, love free refills and appreciate it more.

Our feet are very tired, but we are having a blast.

We love and miss you and are looking for treasures for everyone.
Love Brandon and Bree

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