Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I love summer

 me and jett man going for a ride on grandmas lake.. lake sundance, before i move dto calgary I had no idea people lived right next to lakes, it's such an amazing view and I feel so dang lucky to go there every time i spend a day at their house. Its truly one of the most beautiful places, near and dear to my heart.
 beatin the heat in the yard- thansk meemah for the slip n slide we love it!
 bubbles in grandmas hot tub!
 coco wanted to go solo lol so we let here with a bajillion floaties and life jackets as we were near by
 what an amazing man i married, hes the funnest dad, so involved with his kids, I'm always so impressed with how he manages 3 so patiently. We all have our days of course but for the most part He's just incredible. And our children adore him. He always wants to have an adventure! he swam across the lake with the boys- took half an hour, never seen him more exhausted but he wanted them to be happy. 
 brandons sense of humor kills me...anyone need rescuing!, and the wet suit cracked me up.. he gets cold, lakes are still freezing here unless its a killer hot day like this day was.
 me and jett man chillin on the dock, we're buddies!
 pizza picnic in grandmas backyard
practicing flutter kicks!

Everything about summer is amazing- I feel so much better when I'm outside and there's something to see and an adventure waiting for me every day. I was born in the wrong hemisphere, at least thats what I think until I have no ac for the heat wave in calgary, then I change my mind. But seriously the sun rocks my socks.  

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