Tuesday, July 17, 2012

stampede kids day

stampede kids day is awesome if you get there before 9 you get in free- and there's tons of cool activities for kids to do. Brandon had to work it this year so I decided to brave it alone...and for an all day trip wher eyou take the train to get there, it was a big deal for me, I wanted to prove to myself i could do it alone with all three and have fun. Harrison is doing great at learning safety rules and staying by me is so much easier than last year! He's doing amazing I'm so proud of how hard he works every day. Greyson as always was my little helper and hauled the wagon around all day I'm amazed at how strong that kid is, and everyone stopped me to say how cute coco looked in her boots and lil fascinator they even asked for one for the stampede 100 year time capsule!
 twin brover tatoos
 greyson doing blue steel!
 this was awesome they got to meet mike the knight.. greyson loves him, hes very into knights right now.Harrison was just as thrilled- and then asked me mom? where the big lightning mqueen?( don't worry buddy your moms a disney buff ) we'll be there soon christmas is coming.They also saw the bmo bear- it was blue and harrison said mom its grumpy!...aka care bears- he has a great memory we've only seen that show maybe twice!
 the centennial wall- they had kids paint tiles and then are making a mosaic for downtown- how cool is that!
 in their stampede getup!- I love dressing up my kids!
tuckered out

 this was supposed to show our fascinators but the lady cut us off at the head ;(
 2 down one to go!

 greyson constantly asks about grandma mona and peggy and susans houses- he saw this tractor and thought we were there! He loves idaho! and all the fun toys to ride on.
Long HOT HOT day, but a lot of good memories. And I DID IT!
It's getting easier and funner!

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