Tuesday, July 17, 2012

centennial stampede

I love the Calgary stampede. Its like a state fair but times 10. Calgary is famous for it and I love taht the whole city gets dressed up in cowboy attire and every store is decorated western.  that there's a free pancake breakfast every day of the stampede! 
Imagine flipping pancakes for 20,000 people!- in one morning!
So for the centennial they amped it up, and had a firework show in 5 quadrants of the city. We went to a remote new construction place by our house and could see all 5 shows at once- it was pretty cool! Brandon and I got a baby sitter and went to the grandstand show. He won awesome seats from work thanks shell! Paul brandt sang in the show- they had acrobats the chuckwagon races and it was just awesome. 

 umm yeah this is the real thing,and for those who know me its my all time favorite show ever! that and back to the future. cool runnings takes place in Calgary- and usually this bad boy is on top of the bar where the fight scene is in the movie, but they had it here and i couldnt miss the moment to sit in the awesome sled!
us onthe midway eating mini doughnuts and watching the chuckwagon 
races the winner gets a million bucks!
 right before the grandstand show the beautiful view of calgary, I love this city. and I love this picture, might frame it and put it in my bathroom, I've always had a thing for ferris wheels( amusement parks) and sparkly things at night!
 the amazing grandstand show, I love watching this every year just keeps getting better and better

 yeah thats a vintage truck...covered in glitter..be still my heart

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