Tuesday, July 17, 2012

the boys 1st swimming lessons

My kids love to swim ..point blank. maybe its just an activity that I feel Brandon and I can do easily- and everyone has so much fun that we go a lot.  Like we could justify having a pool in our house a lot.

I really think its one of Harrisons talents. I cant wait to see where he goes with it, It's like he was born to swim. I know it makes his body feel better and he's the most happy when he's in water. thats right my little michael phelps! 

So the boys were very excited for lessons...I decided to do private so it would just be the two of them and not as many distractions, and it was definatley the right choice. My boys surpassed level one in a day.. I was one proud mamma! 
 We had Harrisons aide go with him the first day to help transition him into the pool, she has a prosthetic leg, and on the first day greyson saw her take it off he said, SAM? are you a robot???, we looked at each other and died laughing...then she said kind've( and thats the best thing any kids ever told me!, greysons response thats sooo awesome!!!!!!. Greyson blew the teacher out of the water the first day showing her that he already knew how to hold his breath and could push off the wall under the pool. Harrison same thing, they both did great and today they got to surf on mats in the wave pool, I got to watch from above, something taht never happens for me and it was so nice to relax and just watch them have fun and know that they were safe, they're geting so big, thanks for taking coco brooke-I never get chances like I did today and it meant the world
 while the boys were at swimming we played with the camera- silly girls!
 we're so excited! harrison was smiling he turned right as the picture took, dang camera phone, is not quick enough!
 london bridges in the water with sam and joc their teacher
waiting for brovers day 1

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