Monday, August 20, 2012

best shopping in utah

There's no better feeling than being able to shop without twin boys, sorry dudes but you just cant last all day like the coco, Me acacia and my mom went on an all day outing to some of our fav places in utah to shop- the new city creek is fabulous plus they have a j crew AWW be still my heart..
 and I discovered some new fun places. There's a kids american eagle line that had floral leggings that were adorable! -and a bunch of french sayings on shirts loved them!- they have a dinosaur park for kids to play on at the food court- amazing the girls played for over an hour and we ate lunch in peace- AWESOME!- the scenery is beautiful and coco and evie loved the fountains and just loved being with each other little besties.-although i did find it annoying that you cant have a bathing suit on or take your shoes off-they are a tad anal about rules there, in my humble opinion. the gateway lets you do whatever you want. I guess its liability issue what if the kid slips ect, and trying to keep it upscale. Anyways- it was a great day found a ton of school clothes for the boys- h and m had some adorable stuff this year and it was all so affordable- stalked up on pants at target, shoes at payless- they had a 30 % off coupon on your whole order- lets just say I saved 90.00 it was quite thrilling. I love a good deal! And I loved just hanging out with the girls and getting to shop in peace.I havn't done that probably since last year when I came down.  We ended the day with ice cream from fars- they have whipped pineapple- it's to die for! I LOVE THE USA! I havn't done that probably since last year when I came down.

 so excited for ice cream!
zurchers the best party supply store in the world! GAHH I love this place!

emily jane in salt lake city by trolly square is one of my fav redone furniture places to visit- very organized and clean.

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