Sunday, August 19, 2012

road trip!

Every year coco and I go on a girls rocks! we've done it since teh year she was born- and I love just being able to do girl stuff, when usually were outnumbered. we drove from calgary to if and took our sweet babysitter natasha to efy in rexburg- she's so fun and truly feels like my little sister. we wen to stay at brandon's families house in idaho but when we got there the doors were locked with no was 2 am and i decided instead of trying to wake someone else up in his family..aka trish..we'd try our luck with a hotel in idaho falls...
20 hotels such luck
there were american idol auditions going on, a rodeo in town and a concert,every room at every hotel was taken at 3 am i was calling every single hotel on this list and nothing was open in rexburg if and st anthony-i begged with one of the receptionists and she said she head one hotel had a honeymoon sweet WE BOOKED IT!. Yep me and tasha and coco had a 3 am midnight swim- our heart shaped hot tub with bath robes and an incredible lit up view of the idaho falls temple, sometimes the worst things can turn into the best things!

 beautiful scenery along the way the clouds were insanely cool!
we even had a picnic on the way back home by the falls... I love road trips!

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