Thursday, August 2, 2012

prayers and some catching up

It's funny how much my kids prayers mean to me. tonight for example
hevly father bless mommy not to go to utah the we go to neemahs too, that we get to go to the car store and get halloween costumes amen
father( he dosn't say the heavenly part)- help daddy to take me camping, LOL- were not big campers...dont mind it just not our cup of tea... help us to go to the beach- this is the new daily asking thing from g us get to the beach- draws pictures of the beach every day- mentions it every time we see a river or lake..
I just think it's sweet

This summer has been wonderful I've done so much with the kids and they are getting so much easier to manage, better at staying by me and listening to rules. Therapy with Harrison has been going well, Sometimes its so physically draining on me that Brandon will get home at 4 and I fall asleep on the floor. 4 hours every day of intensive playing with a purpose is harder than you think it might be, esp when we have to make him do things he dosn't want to do and involve 2 other toddlers. yeah at this point in my life I'm just physically and emotionally tired, But it's worth it to see him so aware and doing so great!

His goals right now- sensory problems with food and eating new things,understanding emotion symbols, learning saftey symbols and where to apply them to-aka no running away from mom ect, he's talking like a pro its just getting the language into context like sometimes he'll say red instead of stop.. I totally get what he's trying to say but its hard for others sometimes, but I can see the pathways growing in his brain.. Harrison is the most amazing litle person I've ever met, when Im around him I can just sense a feeling of love. Like so much love it makes my heart want to explode- his smile melts my soul, and he has the most kind gentle spirit about him, that often times when you hear the word autism you wouldn't put those things together, but my son feels love he has strong real emotions just like everyone else, his problem is conveying to others that he indeed feels what they feel. But he's working on that and becoming more and more aware of when people are upset and happy., and we're almost to the point of explaining why people act the way they do, this is a huge step..that girl is crying because....she fell down or she spilled her do we react with compassion... I'm learning a whole new language and so is my rara and I finally feel like we've met in the middle.

early intervention has made a huge difference for our son, and I'm so grateful  live in alberta where there is so much help. Met a lady at the park the other day I could tell in 3 seconds her child was on the spectrum he looked about 12- I stared at her- and smiled- she prob thought uggh another person wondering what's wrong with my I go over and say hey you part of the spectrum club too? she looked at me and her face softened, she said she'd just moved from montreal to get fscd funding, And i met a new friend. It's a small world. How lucky am I that we didn't have to move anywhere to get harrison the best help he possibly can.

also greatful this week for...
-his amazing primary teacher
-that harrison's doing great in church with sacrament meeting and primary sitting still and listening and participating, they shot nerf guns last week at buffalo for pioneer day and he's asked about it all week along with greyson
- for awesome canadian summer weather
- that coco is a cuddly girl
-debbie coming into my house - folding my laundry- made my whole day I needed it that day
ice cold lemonade after stressful therapy days
-seasons of lost on netflix- maybe I had way to many essays to write in university english classes- But I totally think lost has allusions to the new testament- told ya I'm random tonight
-country music in the car- sometimes it reminds me to do things I know I should take more time to do.
- that greyson is attached to brandon at the hip- its nice to have them be buddies right now-and actually quite hilarious to watch them together- the things they talk about are hilarious

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