Thursday, August 2, 2012

funny thing about hearts

I feel like they are never complete, our hearts... when Keshia told me she was moving I cried for weeks. Now she's gone so I can write about it...but my heart was broken.. I guess not everyone gets to experience what a true best friend is, and lucky for me I have gotten to feel what it's like knowing that someone always loves me no matter what. I've felt for along time the heavenly father put her in my life for so many reasons, I needed her and she needed me. I miss my dear friend so much, and am so excited to go visit her this week, Thank heavens she moved 20 minutes from my parents house in utah- how random is that? from canada to utah... keshia you are so wonderful and everyone wants to be your friend...simply because you are a great..not just good friend to absolutley everyone. heart of gold i tell you.

Here are a couple pictures from her goodbye party at our house- thanks for everyone who helped with food esp chels and val-keshias loves stuffed mushrooms and vals are to die for! I hired a face painter because I thought it would be light hearted and fun,and make for some killer pictures for her last shenannigans.

 love this picture of melanie and keshia-both their eyes are sparkling
 the gang minus a few who left early or couldnt come! sadness


work it girls

see ya next week sista!

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