Sunday, November 11, 2012

over a month

Ok it's been way to long since I've blogged but for great reasons, and I felt like I finally had the time today to sit and talk about the wonderful experiences I've had latley. 1st off I want to talk about the youth cultural celebration. Our church is getting a temple in calgary. And they do a big production with all the youth where they talk about the culture and church from where the temple is being built, so imagine 6 stakes over 2,000 people putting on a show. It takes a lot of planning a lot of meeting a lot of rehearsals to do something this big, and then to put everyone together with 2 rehearsals...I've done lots of community theatre and musicals, recitals and big shows but nothing ever this large and it was such a neat experience to be a part of everything. It came at  a time in my life when I needed it most.

I felt kind've empty lonley and I've really missed my best friend. Not that I was sad, I felt like I just needed to socialize and get to know some new people and most importantly have some fun moments of joy in my life. and know that others cared about me. My amazing friend marissa I think was in a similar situation and I'm so greatful we got to work together and know that on wednesdays and saturdays we just got to hang out and be friends and have fun and laugh and be filled with joy. Its so funny we went to byui at the same time but never met each other, I always say we were meant to be friends 2 americans who both moved to calgary.

           our tickets light upon a hill was our theme- and I think the music was touching and beautiful more than once i teared up hearing the kids sing it, especially when they turned their flashlights on in the finale number. Just made me remember theres so much good in this world.
 white stetson formation- In calgary getting a white hat is a sign of our city- and is reserved for dignitaries- the kids got to white hat the prophet and apostles
 the good ole hockey game- this is a number mark and mandy worked on -it tunred out so cute!

me elessa and marissa we had such a blast hanging out together

 and the kid taking the picture cut me off , oh well we had so many it was hard to fit us into one shot! these are the kids i got to work with the most they were in the prairie kitchen scene where we did a dance with rolling pins and pies- they worked so hard- and it made me laugh when I could see them from the stands counting...5678.... they performed right in front of the apostles and I tried to psych them all out right before thats when we took this picture- there were hundreds and hundreds of kids in the back rooms!
finale number they were rays of light and one by on turned their flashlights on- its hard to see in this picture because I took it at dress rehearsal.. but when lights were lower it was beautiful.
 I also love working with the youth. They touch me and I feel like I connect with youth in such a way that Is really hard to describe almost like heavenly father gave me a gift for talking to them and saying things in a way that they resonate with. I love to be around the young women. I love to serve them. I love what they remind me of every time I'm with them. I was so thrilled when they called me and asked me to help choreograph for the show. We did a whole scene about the calgary stampede- had tons of props and different scenes playing out all at once...LOTS AND LOTS of time went into the timing and making sure everything happened when it was supposed to. Lots and lots of emails meetings ect. But I loved every single second. I'd show up early and stay after because the atmosphere was just so wonderful.

I got to know a ton of new fun people like brother pack, jen low, tess and thad mandin, Lawerance Bolokowski mark and mandy pierson and elessa horrible I forgot her last name- but shes in midnapore ward.. we all had a lot of fun working together. And I loved being with the youth leaders as well it was interesting to watch these leaders evolve over the course of rehearsals how they started out hesitant ..and eventually were all singing and cheering the kids on.  I know that theatrical productions arnt everyones thing and so many were willing to give it a shot. It was a long haul a lot of work and so much fun all rolled up into one amazing memory for me and I'm greatful I was given the chance to dance again. It made me realize thats thats really what makes me the most happy. I'm more serious now about eventually teaching again even if I just start with preschool age kids, and maybe do a couple musical theatre character classes.... just have to find a studio who needs a teacher,or start something in my own home. Kindve an answer to prayers for me...but thats another greatful for the temple celebration.

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