Sunday, November 11, 2012

my canadian trick or treaters!

halloween 2012
joel came over to take the kids trick or treating hes done this the past 3 years..its always fun! brandon and I went together with the kids first.. while joel handed out candy- we went to costco and bough king size this year...brandons idea I was fun and exciting and the kids faces when they left our door were awesome something like my first full size of the night im on a roll! was my favorite... anyways it was really cold so we got them all bundled up and they loved it free candy yay!!! coco couldnt run as fast as her brothers - so brandon eventually split up from me and stayed with the boys- then we dumped bags into brandon back back took a break and went out again with joel- it was spooky windy foggy snowy and collllllddd. But the kids couldve cared less- greyson went as spider man coco was a lady bug and harrison was curious george they all looked adorable! I love halloween!

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