Sunday, November 11, 2012

a couple fhe nights in october

I love fhe..  family home evening for those who don't know  every monday we make special time to do something fun as a family and teach a principle to our kids about the gospel, being a good friend citizen ect...I have a strong testimony of it  and i thank my parents for doing it every monday without fail even if it was just a run to country boy dairy for shakes those were precious moments and I'm greatful they were dilligent,and I want to do that for my kids plus I know it makes me feel closer to my little family and have the opportunity to teach them important skills and principles, I also feel like heavenly father bless harrison on those nights with extra great listening skills and exceptional behavior. With all my heart I believe that. So in october we made spider doughnuts with our friends the dafoes while watching cartoon sleepy hollow then delivered some to some neighbors...we carved pumpkins one week and went to the corn maze another- october rocks!

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