Thursday, January 31, 2013

coco is turning 3 this week

 I'm constantly in awe of how fast time goes...Just thinking a lot about my sweet girl today as we sit here next to each other while shes painting..a new staple latley. I just adore having a daughter. I'm so lucky. I hope she always knows how beautiful I think she is and how sweet and funny she is. How she makes me a better mother and person. Words can't express the love I have for my chloe'.

Some of the new things shes been doing.....she calls her blanky polka..because it has polka dots...she wont drink anything unless it's out of her special cup( rapunzel with a curly straw) she sleeps with 3 stuffed animals eugene rapunzel and belle- so funny that its those three we always call belle the third wheel. we're growing her bangs out and she takes her clips out allllll the time! so she swooshes her head to get her hair out of her face so funny. She also loves to be naked.... I don't know why but she just hates her clothes on. She's also a water baby like the rest of my kids so I chalk it up to her always wanting to go swimming this girl misses summer. She's also been quite the stubborn girl the past couple months... I swear this girl has been in time out more than her brothers... she dosn't put up with them pushing her around..thats for sure...she's got fire in her eyes, but I remember the boys being this way around 3. I always say they mixed up terrible twos with threes. Lets hope she's just going to be this independent passionate kid. It's fun to see her personality start to develop. I love seeing my babies turn into little humans, it fascinates me. I've been getting her party ready for months. I love birthdays. My mom always made mine so special and thats something I want my kids to get from their mom. She's been really into watercoloring lately so I decided to throw her a painting party. Even though she's three I thought it would be fun to have a couple friends come... I can see that shes getting excited, but I think shes more excited for her big present from meemah thats been sitting in the laundry room since christmas.... I love you little one.more than you'll ever comprehend.-mommy

photos by vr photography

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