Thursday, January 31, 2013

we're going to disneyland!!!

This is a way big deal for me I've dreamed for years of taking them back to the spot where Brandon proposed to me. I want them to love disneyland as much as I do. I want to share that energy and love with my kids.

When Harrison was diagnosed on the autism spectrum a huge part of my grieving was fixated on this trip to disneyland- will he even enjoy it?  will the noise bug him ? the crowds? It was heartbreaking to me. We knew so little at that point....He's come soooooo far and I'm so proud of the hard work he does every day. That boy amazes me I see things connecting in his brain.. his social skills improving- and with some more work he'll be in normal kindergarten next year... His yearly assessment was last week and they've almost put him in the aspergers category. Which just means to me that he's come a long way and he's worked very hard to get there. I can see his perseverance and determination to figure things out.  Which is why we are celbrating his hard work! And just taking a break from therapy to have fun as a family and clebrate the boys birthdays!
 He's doing food therapy right now and eating new things YAY!. He also loves his new aide. which is such a huge blessing. I'm so incredibly greatful to people who pushed me to get him tested even when I didnt want to. It was hard to admit it and really really scary, but without you pushing me he wouldn't have gotten help as fast and early as he did, and wouldn't be doing so amazing. I feel so blessed by my father in heaven for knowing he was exactly what I needed in my life. And if you know Harrison well you can sense his super sweet spirit. He's gentle and kind and his smile and eyes light up an entire room. I can not wait until he walks into cars land and realizes that it's come to life. He loveeeeees cars.

Greyson is totally into pirates right now - I'm so excited to take him to pirates of the Caribbean and show him fireworks and let him pick out mouse ears. He's really into all the disney stuff right now and that just makes me so happy! I love when greyson gets excited because his whole body gets tense and his eyes get big like his dads. Its the funniest thing to watch and I cant wait to see him just having a lot of fun. I'm excited to ride rollercoasters with him.  He's a bit of a daredevil.. and he's the best big brother anyone could ask for hes protective and patient and fun loving...I adore that boy. tearing up as I think about what great kids I have.

We're leaving coco home with a good friend- so we can just enjoy the boys and be one on one with each kid- it wil help make things less stressful for me- just in case Harrison needs a break from sensory overload.. and for that I don't know if this friend realizes how greatful I am for her in my life. She's like a sister and my heart was truly touched by her humble act of service for me...and I didn't even have to ask her...she just volunteered her time. What a wonderful human being. Thank you for being so loving and full of charity. I strive to be like you.

oh and brandon- you are wonderful and I'm so lucky to have you. I noticed when you did the dishes and cleaned the whole kitchen and played with the kids for 2 hours downstairs when I'd had the longest day of therapy ever. You are one amazing dad and an even better husband. thanks for making me laugh every day.

I'm excited... this is going to be an awesome trip.
so greatful to my heavenly father for the blessings I see unfolding in my life right now.

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  1. so fun!! we're going to disneyland next week (so excited!) and i feel the exact same way-- can't wait to have bella love it as much as i do!! your boys are gonna love the new cars land!