Wednesday, February 6, 2013

coco's rainbow paint party

For cocos third birthday I really wanted to capture her spirit at this age, and she is the most energetic colorful full of life little sprite. Rainbows were a perfect fit for her..and she loves painting! So I tried to combine both...and heres how it turned out.

paper fans from zurchers- if your in canada you might have to order online-
 I love windy city novelties or  global bazarre
milk bottles and straws zurchers- in canda you can get them at crate and barrel- straws you can get at crave cupcakes or Michael's- if your lucky
lollipops zurchers- in canada farmers market in calgary
macaroons are from yum at the calgary farmers market
banners both from etsy crochet banner chevron banner
scalloped cake tray from target and bowls from crate and barrel
cake and cupcakes by Sara Dafoe in calgary ikree8
For the table cloth I actually used a queen bed duvet cover from ikea
the stands my dad made for me to hang cocos dresses on but they held the banner awesome
I used these cute aprons to dress up the chair backs- they are from  gifts2goshop on etsy
for added detail i made a sculptural piece hanging above the painting table with streamers form the dollar store

 these cupcakes were baked inside ice cream cones and the palette is cut out of cardboard and the frosting was made with gel coloring for more saturation

 for the centerpieces I found these clear paint cans at zurchers and cut fresh flowers for each vase- tip if you are in calgary go to safeway they discount their flowers often and you can often get awesome bundles for 4 bucks
 these milk bottles i dipped inchocolate and then rolled in sprinkles
 I separated some fruit loops into section because we strung fruit loop necklaces as a craft- but they also looked cute on the desert table
 This little stand is just a painted 2x4 that I drilled holes into for a lollipop stand
 Fresh mini macaroons  in rainbow order- I just love how pretty these are
 At each place setting was a canvas watercolors and brushed which the girls took home along with their aprons a box of crayons and a smaller canvas and a bow from my shop
canvas is from michaels as well as the ribbon

 I debated doing a real table cloth but was glad I opted for plastic with 7 three year old girls it got messy- but was so worth it!
 coco and her sweet friend ryley checking out the treats
 daddy took the day off to help celebrate yay!
 Are they not just so sweet? It was fun to see how different each painting was.
 After the first activity we had rainbow fruit sticks and made fruit loop necklaces, then it was time for the big canvas
 I was surprised that they all didn't want to finger paint right off the bat so I handed them brushes and eventually they knew it was ok to finger paint... best thing to watch ever when they attacked that canvas!
 all of the girls minus one who showed up a bit later are they not just amazingly adorable!!!!
 First bite of cupcake! Have I mentioned I love their little aprons!
 Ring around the rosies while we wait for girls to finish cupcakes- 
coco you have the best daddy in the world -always remember that. He was swinging you and your friends and you giggled all morning.
 This is the headpiece I made for tonight but wanted a good picture while we still had sunshine...
gotta love canadian winters!
 my sweet 3 year old baby girl. I just adore that smile..dress from piggyandbear on etsy
even the back had rainbow buttons!- pillows are all from etsy as well.
 invites from craftedbylindy


  1. Yeah, thats right...I pinned it! This is the cutest party EVER!

  2. LOVE IT! she is so stinking adorable! Oh I miss being there!

  3. OH.MY.GOSH. this is the cutest party ever!!! you did an amazing job! i'm dying over all the details!

  4. Cutest party in the whole world!!