Sunday, January 13, 2013

shell kids christmas party

i love the shell kids party every year..they go all out for their employees families. I feel so lucky that Brandon works for such a great company. They rented a hall at the calgary zoo and had it catered with kids food..yay my kids were thrilled about chicken nuggets a cookie bar and pizza.. so were we... no fighting kids to eat.. they have a ornament making station, a play and then santa comes and brings them a pretty nice gift. Their lists are supplied to hr to give to santa ;) It's fun to see who Brandon works with and hear stories about him and how much he loves his family.. i think thats what touched me the most talking to all his co workers
 cocos cute skirt ive waited all year for her to wear this and i love it!
harrison thrilled about the cookie bar and that we just let him go back and back and back..I'm all about fun days just being no mean mom rules no worring about his gluten intake ect...

 very curious boys...looking for their names
 penguin exhibit before we went inside
 the venue we were at has the botanical gardens... it was a beautiful break from calgary winter- but you could still see the snow falling cool atmosphere
 trying to get a picture.... harrison just liked walking around greyson was mad we took him away from the ornament table..heaven forbid I try and take a picture! oh coco and your no shoes! coco would much rather be naked than in clothing I dress her 8 times a day I swear!- that girl was meant to live in her swimsuit..that or her snow white dress
 trying to get a pic of greyson and I the camera isnt that great when you turn it the other way ..but I was bound and determined to start being in more pictures.. since I'm always the one taking them!
 ornament time!
 Harrison and his new lightning mqueen hawk!- Greyson got a hot wheels wall track and coco got a rapunzel doll.
 the girls!
 coco was a tad nervous of santa but when she saw the present she jumped right up
greyson has been so excited about santa this year...he was thrilled when he walked into the room
my frozen penguins ready for zoo lights after the party....
they light up the zoo and play music- it was so fun!
we slid down this awesome tube slide-the kids loved it!
and bets of all all fell asleep on the car ride home

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