Sunday, January 13, 2013

twas the week before christmas

The week before christmas we celebrated with brandons family before the long journey to utah...It was such a great night and I'll never forget my kids faces when we opened presents early at grandmas...Harrison yelled do you love it do you love it! And was just so excited his whole face lit up.. coco got this awesome block castle that she played with all night and greyson loved handing out presents to everyone...we decorated gingerbread cookies and made homemade pizzas... so fun- then we ended the night walking around the spruce meadows lights and having hot coco... it was magical and full of christmas spirit- and family I loved it!... even snuck in a couple pictures the one with debbie and some of the grandkids on the road is so sweet...coco and al her boy cousins- i cant wait to recreate pics at her wedding some day with all her boy buddies.

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