Tuesday, January 1, 2013

stuff kids say.....johnson version

There have been some great one liners latley from all my kids and their cousins..I had to write them down for memories sake....

 As we're googling places to stay when we go to disneyland for the boys birthday I was excited and enthusiastic...greyson  looks at me all weird and says .....Mom you're going to freak out arnt you (at Disneyland)

 Greyson made it to the potty but spilled..when I asked him why he didnt go faster he said....I was with Papa and Papa didn't know what this meant (as he jumps/  renacts the potty dance)

 Harrison talking To Joel...after coming home from a week in utah where he saw his other grandpa and calls him papa also.......PAPA I just saw the another you! 

Greyson at the border "are we there yet?" I'm sure its the first of many..but he now understands that its a long drive...finally clicked poor kid...

Harrison to Chloe not sleeping on christmas eve "coco you're going to be on the naughty list!" Go to bed now!

 Brandon and my dad ran outside the kids room with bells yelling ho ho ho... on x mas eve
" you hear somphin? It's Santa Clause!" coco
"It's him, it's really him!" evia

 Harrison- I'm so happy to be here! I want to stay here forever- ( at grandma Mona's in idaho)

 Ruger- After running down the stairs 20 times with coco in his arms "I know what coco wants for Christmas, me" 
coco- faster!
 Aare you ready to dance guys!!? -Harrison to the beginning song on Alvin and the chipmunks
Harrison is Alvin, Greyson is Simon an Chloe is Theodore dad is Dave -accoring to all the kids

Aunt Brandon.... all week she called him that hilarious -evia

I want to stay here forever I hate canada. Greyson about meema's house

Is Santa coming again tonight? I'll go to bed. Greyson on Christmas Day

 Mom...I'm a really good swimmer with my life jacket on. I fall when its not on. -Harrison

Greyson- mom see my sweet moves I can do a twister cartwheel!

Harrison and Greyson singing phineas and Ferb theme song on the ride home from utah. they yell the line..... driving my sister insane. my poor daughter....


  1. Love these! I have to agree with Greyson, you will definitely be freaking out at Disneyland! Oh, and the potty dance mishap made me laugh, sometimes Papa's just don't know all the clues :)