Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter egg hunt

Easter was right after we came home from california...and I totally wasn't prepared ...I wanted to do an easter egg hunt last year really bad so this year I stuck to it and made it happen and totally procrastinated my laundry- seriously it looked like a mountain of clothes on my bed...- I hate that part after vacation..its like the laundry looks me in the face and says welcome back to life!....I wasnt ready for vacation to be over yet ...SOOOO I told a couple families in the neighborhood to each bring 10 eggs per kid to my house the night before saturday- I went and hid them at the church with a friend and the kids came and searched for 10 eggs eachIt's amazing how fast kids can be motivated when chocolate eggs are involved!. the weather was perfect the kids were adorable and It was just a really fun saturday morning activity..after we went to get strawberry pancakes at ihop.

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