Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter morning

Easter is a tender holiday for me. It reminds me this life is not the only one. And helps me have an eternal perspective on everything around me. Makes me think about Harrisons body one day being whole..of my own body being able to have my own long flowing hair. Reminds me Ill get to see my sisters again and have a close relationship with each of them. Reminds me of the love My saviour personally has for me. It makes me reflect back on trials....and how I realize now that they have made me grow. They've made me more patient and humble and kind. Helped me to see other differently. I'm trying really hard to simplify my life. To focus on whats important. To teach my kids the things they will need to be good caring amazing little It's hard...and I'm glad I don't have to try it alone. I'm so greatful to have a relationship with christ, I believe in all that he is and has done. I know he is real, and have felt his presence in my darkest hours. It makes me want totry harder to be like him. The atonement and resurrection are incredible and I'm so happy they give me that amazing perspective towards all aspects in my life. Brandon and I spent the morning teaching the kids the resurrection story we then looked for baskets ate mini eggs and had cinnamon roll breakfast and enjoyed some great lessons at church.

cocos starburst crown braid- she sat still long enough for me to do it and her bangs were finally long enough! I love this I want to wear it in my hair!

 why is it so dang hard to get all three to look in the same place for 3 seconds!

easter love from the johnsons!

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  1. i loved this post. (and coco's hair is AMAZING! i wish i were as talented as you!)