Saturday, June 8, 2013

a perfect little day

You know those days where it just seems like everythings perfect... that happened today. I'm so greatful for good days. I love weekends. I know its sappy but I love when Brandons home and we get to go have adventures as a family. I can sense in my children a need to explore and be active and outside like both of their parents and that makes me happy. I feel like you never really know when someone can leave you so I love that we really do try to take advantage of every little opportunity and experience everything we can. despite Harrison being on the spectrum..sometimes we just have to prep a little before hand.

Today we just wanted to soak up some sunshine it was gorgeous after almost a week of rain in calgary. Brandon and I have a summer fun itinerary..started when we were in university with our roommates... and we continue it now...but one item on it was the splash park in our community we went to try out our new towels that mona (brandons grandma) got us. The kids were so sweet today. I'ts funny I hardly even notice now that Harrisons on the spectrum maybe my perspectives just changed and I know he's different and I just adore him anyways he truly lights my life up...or he really just has improved so much and transitions arn't that hard anymore..and I feel like Ive been trained with tools to manage things...that I just feel like we are in such a good place and space. I feel very greatful today for my blessings. I really want to make this the best summer ever.

Heres a picture of coco on her new pink tricycle she loves this thing especially because it has a carrier in the back for her treasures. CAN ANYONE SAY AWWWWWWWW?

 shes not quite tall enough fo a big bike so it just fits her and her personality perfectly
 so the only prob with a trike is it does not go as fast usually we just ride slow and wait for her..but today brandon tried something I turned around because I heard giggles..yes this was happening....her front tire was in the back of the trailer he was helping her go faster..real safe brand...but too funny and he was being super careful and told her she had to keep her feet up. got some real fun looks from people passing of twin boys here people there is no shame.... I think I laughed the whole way there as well as stayed 2 feet behind her to make sure she didn't fall!
 Brandon is really the best dad ever. He loves to play with the kids so much. I think he understands them ..and is just mr patient. I love that about him.

 trying out monas towels with their nicknames

 Then we decided to run down the hill i took pictures laying down as they jumped over...they thought this was hilarious!

 then came the races

Summer has arrived...check one for summer fun itinerary!

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