Friday, July 5, 2013

Greyson Finds a talent

I'm very much the parent who is always looking to find my kids hidden talents. My mom was great at this and I'm glad she pushed me to pursue music and dance and art. It's made me who I am today. So I guess I'm kindve inspired by my mom and I want to help my kids develop their talents. When I think of Greyson I think of the words determined, strength and compassion. We put him in soccer for the first time this year and it just clicked with him. He was really really good. He loved running and being with a team and making new friends.. I loved watching him play But I loved it even more when he'd fall or someone else would and he'd go help them up. """TRUE MOTHER JOY!""" we had the best whos in our ward...and the best families to go along with them.. we all enjoyed being together there cheering for our boys twice a week from may until the end of june. It was kind've chaotic because both Brandon and I are in Ym Yw's.. so wed rush to that right after..june was insane and busy busy. We suffered through mega mosquitos and rain....but really really had a great time. I think we're going to put him in indoor soccer for the fall.. because he truly does love it even at 5 I can see he just loves it. And I vowed Id never put my kids in soccer... oh well... I guess having boys changes my artsy fartsy plans. GO TEAM LIZZARDS!

funny one liners from the season- I wrote them down weekly...

Emily.. I always dreamed soccer would be like this.. but with rainbows and unicorns....
Austin... MOM I have 6 goals not 5 count better!
Greyson...mommy... the guys on the other team look way billions bigger than we are...I bet they ate their dinner.
Preston... Go lizzards go!.. I wish we were something cooler than lizards... like woody and buzz
Meghan.. But dad I just wanna play on the slide! ( her dad was the coach) lol
Liam.. didnt talk much but his smile just lit up a room.
Owen...Can we just skip to snack already!!!!
Blake... I'm as fast as cheetahs and birds together!

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