Friday, July 5, 2013

Hooray for Harrison

We decided to split the twins into different activities this spring. greyson did soccer and Harrison did gymnastics.. and its funny how each one suited them and their personality sooo well. 
Harrison loves gymnastics he begs me to go all the the time. Hes strong and has become such an amazing listener. He has loved coach kira and his cute class of 4. It was perfect for him to flourish. They sing songs at the beginning and Harrison really loves music especially if the songs are one s he knows and they are repetitive each week. He loves being able to know what song it is and sing along.
 In the small space of 3 months hes learned to backwards roll do pull ups on the bar flip over his feet on the bars shimmy all the way across ..he can do monkey bars by himself.. no fear in this child I tell you!

 He asked me to put a rope in the kitchen.. this is why!
 One thing I find fascinating is his impeccable sense of balance he can run across the beam no problem at all.. do tricks.. he dosnt fall... it was amazing to watch all these typ kids falling and Harrison just focused and stayed in the beam it was kindve amazing.. ususally kids on teh spectrum have some level of OT difficulty. But in all of harrisons reports they just skip that part because he is very athletic, and coordinated. He defies the odds and never ceases to amaze me with what he can and will do. I can see his spirit almost burning through his eyes sometimes.

 He loved the marshmellow pit and sometimes wanted to saty in there all day he loved playing hide and seek with jada druvil claira and noah.
 shimmying along the high bar! Hes so strong!!!!!
  We Had some very tender moments with coach Kira. She loves Harrison. Its evident. He comes and hugs her...tells her how much he loves gymnastics. He listens sooo well to her. I Just really appreciate how much she loved him this year. They have a tight bond..she was patient and so loving inside and we both cried at the last session because I told her she changed his life {by making him just feel like everyone else}... .. and she answered me back with no... he changed mine...

 I loved watching you grow so much and become a better listener and friend to others. You are the hardest worker I know bud.

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