Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ashley Lake

Nielsens invited us to their cabin for the weekend.. It was exactly what Brandon and I needed and we were so excited to just get away.. strangely enough the huge floods in calgary happened the day we left and highway 2 washed out so we were kindve like WHATS GOING ON BACK HOME PANIC MODE!. Luckily grandma is highly dependable and helped me feel a little better that we weren't back in calgary. We played games had delicious dinners in the sun deck.. brandon and jordan went golfing while melanie and I shopped.. It was so dang fun to finally shop alone! I got a bunch of new dresses and skirts and some cute shoes! We talked about bananas. Tarzan.. some packages.. just a very fun great weekend with some of our best friends.

 Ready to jump!!!

 we tried this awesome floating ball hilarious to watch and be in! Brandon did tricks and jordan ran like a gerbil... HILARIOUS! I have video of it!

 Beautiful end to the weekend we went to church in kalispell and sacrament was amazing! And we see this. Double rainbows are special in my family and its really really what I needed to see this weekend. THANKS NIELSENS!

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