Thursday, August 22, 2013

oreos....and 5 year olds

So after a while of learning how to use my camera and deciding that etsy was just over for me, that it wasn't fun anymore, I decided to jump headfirst into a dream I've had for a while and open up a photography business. I'm still learning and there's a ton I still need to read and practice...But I feel it fits me very well and I'm excited to just grow it from here out. I took some pics using my new skills with my boys. It just reminded me how much i love this little innocent stage they are at and also that they are more independent. 5 is a great age. I love their faces and the way they love each other so much as brothers. I started this with just Greyson because Harrison was asleep but he must've sensed chocolate because he woke up and joined the fun.
if you want to see the photo site click

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