Tuesday, October 21, 2008

F is for...

Fancy! So this post is inspired by Brandons little cousins in Terraton Idaho. addy and mariah. They have a book called Fancy nancy. It gives little examples of synonyms. Like..fuschia is a fancy word for purple. These little girls melt my heart every time I see them. They remind me of me and my sisters. All girl,high energy, brown hair brown eyes. I love everyone in Terraton. The boys the girls the cousins the aunts the uncles the grandmas the grandpas! Basically the petersens rock! Its a very smalll town with tons of amazing people. The first time I went out to meet Brandons extended family was when we were still dating. The little kids all love Brandon and they yell his name its so cute!. Anyways one of my first memories of them was going to his aunt peggy's house and while all the adults were inside Brandon and I played with all the kids. It was such a blast we jumped on the tramp played tag hide and go seek. did gymnastics painted toenails and raced with them on our shoulders around the house eventually the other adults could see we were having way to much fun and came out to join us- we made pyramids and just had a blast. oh to have childhood fun again. Whenever I'm there they bring out the kid in me. I love the feeling of love I have in his family.


  1. That is Rachel's favourite book!!! Since we read it about 20 times a day she has all the words memorized and thinks that it is about our family since it has the 2 little girls. (and the little sister looks like Esther!)

  2. I love Terreton, too! All those kids just make you want to be a kid. It is fun too see how excited they get when people visit. I am glad you love this little town too.