Sunday, October 26, 2008

G is for....

brandon made him cone head mean daddy!

farmers market

I love banannas ...and salsa!

asleep on grandmas couch

I love my little boy so much. His personality is starting to become more noticable. I actually thinks hes less stubborn than harrison and he's full of wonder. He always looks around at everything and can be amused by something for an hour. His eyes slant when he smiles like mine do and his smile is lmost like a yawn with it turned upwards just a little bit. His favorite item right now are his stacking cups and his brown and blue fuzzy blanket. when I put it on him he smiles every time. I love waking him up cause he rocks his little bum in the air. He'll reach for me and Grandma and Brooke. He must like the ladies...He's finally holding his bottle which is so exciting for me a little bit of freedom! His eyes cath the sun sometimes and it reminds me of his dad. I think hes very analitical like brandon and likes to figure out how things are working. His little arms have creases all along them because hes solid and chubby. More just squeezable and His cheeks you just want to kiss. I love my little man. And his favorite consanant right now is ma ma ma ma ma. :) I love dressing him in little argyle sweaters! Ill have to post a picture of him with it on. I'm so greatful to have him as my little son.

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