Friday, October 31, 2008

Flower Prototypes

this is just an idea of the shape- replaced with yellow
black and white= gerber daisy's sprayed bananna leaves
wire and bamboo- I'm so excited

Replace this with a yellow gerber
and black napkin!

imagine this with yellow instead of green

this is our wallpaper/runners :)

So for My event happening on the 21st of November. We have long 72 inch tables with black table cloths and Damask black and white velvet table runners which I'm using wallpaper for!- Oh yeah no sewing! So today I went and Priced arrangements and talked to some of My floral Vendors. I'm having 3 comapnies to prototypes for me. I told them what I wanted and gave them a picture of my vision. I told them The arrangements needed to be like mini bouquets that the guest would take home after the event. I'm going to buy the vases because floral shops charge out the wazoo for them- just a fyi- buy your own vase youll save 20 bucks. Anywyas I told them I wanted a round shape almost like a bridal bouquet but with really organic funky stuff curled wire bamboo sticks and bannana leaves spraypainted black. I'm so excited to see what they are going to do! Anywyas here is a picture of my vision...

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