Sunday, December 21, 2008

Chaos=Cranston Ward Christmas Party

After a crazy night...poor santa
Was chaos!!! Talk about crazy crazy- It took brandon and I 5 trips to the stake center which is about half an hour away to get all 260 presents there. We jam packed our car including decorations and big pieces of cardboard wrapped in wrapping paper with thick ribbon. It looked different in my head- fyi cardboard is a hard material to work with- I should've learned my lesson after trying to build a cabin after Joseph smith encampment. needless to say Brother stone had to bail me out. Luckily we had some duck tape handy and were able to kind've make them stand up- and as usual at events i get so busy i foget to take pictures- Joel was so awesome withthe kids- all 250 of them. It was a crazy mad dash for santa- we had to protect the presents from kids trying to come grab them- snow was being thrown everywhere. Imagine them all running toward you with only two of you to guard them- pure crazyness! So these were some of the funny comments kids gave to santa.

Kid...What ward are you really in?
Joel.. The North ward. HAAAAA

Kid...What's your real last name?
Joel... Clause

Kid.. Santa I just want you to know My brother is being really really naughty. I wanted you to really know that.

Joel..OK thanks Buddy- I'm watching Don't you worry.

Missionarys...Hey santa can we have a picture with you?
Joel...Sure come sit on my Lap missionary's are my favorite there always on the nice list.

He was so cute with all the kids and the ym even came and sat on his knee and shook his hand
It was a very fun and crazy evening- great food. It was fun to see the kids so excited and made all of that work worth it. We even got adorable pictures with the boys and santa. Thanks to grandma debbie for taking the boys even when they were sick so we could get things set up for the night. And thanks to Joel for being a great Mr. Clause.


  1. Santa and had no luck - everything looked great by the way. My inlaws were very impressed. I kind of assumed that Misty did all the decorations. Way to go - Power couple!

  2. Steve's mad that you didn't call him to help transport things- we don't have a truck for no reason! Next time this is what you do... Wow we need some help. Hey Brandon, call Steve. :P Serious