Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wrapping for 250 kids...

Ok it's almost done I wanted to post a couple pictures of just how crazy this was! All of the presents don't fit in our living room! The camera couldn't get all of them! When we first started this we were so pumped and thought it would be a blast to shop for 250 kids- 8 car trips later with loads of sacks and bags and wrapping paper( from creative packaging) I love that store! and our house looking like a disaster zone it is done! And it was fun! A lot of work but very fun- especially shopping for girls-I'll tell you what we bought after the party so I don't give it away! I love wrapping presents and I always have- in fact I collect wrapping paper and have a ribbon holder that hold over 100 spools of ribbon. When I first moved to canada and couldn't work so I volunteered a bunch. I'd go downtown and wrap peoples presents- men would bring in 50 presents for us to wrap -it was crazy and there wives gifts and Id make them look beatimous- it was such a blast- and I was close to brandon about two blocks away. So we'd go and eat lunch at the devonian gardens. It's one of my favorite places in calgary an indoor rooftop garden with glass windows so even though it's snowy you can enjoy the flowers and ponds. So when Brandon told me we got to shop for the kids and wrap the presents I was super excited and wanted to wrap each individual present- I'm so glad he talked me out of it now- thank you practical husband! anyways here are some pictures of the crazy fun!

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  1. looks great! Even if you like wrapping, the craziness of that many gifts is beyond me, and the different colors for the different ages and genders is such a wonderful idea!