Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mandatory Family Fun

Johnson family reunion was yesterday at my in laws on sundance lake- I had such a fun time hanging out with cousins and being part of a big family- there was a surge of energy in the air.

And may I say that August at the lake is so beautiful. The air felt crisp and it smelled like campfires.

Debbie put together a fun race- with activities we had to accomplish in teams- I havn't had that much fun in a while racing around with brandon. I love that he has a natural gps in his brain so we could find clues easy.

My favorite game was unmelting frozen t shirts and putting them on- super funny to watch and do. I really have an amazingly fun family for my inlaws- I'm super lucky.
lugging around 65 pounds- what a hunk!
Mik and jett man coolin off
my boys got in the swimming pool- thats why there in diapers and crocs
getting ready for the race!
barrett and crystal chilaxin
Grandma cuddling the unit
Aunt cheryl is a pro baloon shaver
oh harrison no words for this buddy
Brooke and Jett are ready to race!
This is my nephew he's the epitimy of adorable- oh those eyes!
Johnson searching for the hidden clues- true pirate style- they got stolen by little kids!
Barrett sportin the green
Miss Hostess Debbie- she organized this game we did and It made the night so much fun
Rockin Red team
My son found the chocolate with a little help from grandma-and it was everywhere in about 2 minutes

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  1. glad you had so much fun! Sounds like a blast!