Sunday, November 22, 2009

Holiday Entertaining!

This saturday I had the opportunity to teach a holiday entertaining and wrapping class it was so much fun to put together heres a couple pictures and some links I promised to put up for everyone.

Wrapping dosn't always have to be with paper- you can use fabric,wire-felt- cellophane,the clothing your actually giving as a gift, garland pine cones, cinnamon sticks,newspaper,magazines-they all can dress up a package beautifully! and who says there has to be one pretty bow in the center of the package tie three strands around a present and tie in knots- this works especially well when you don't have a piece long enough to go all the way around vertically and horizontally. wrap wire in all different directions- use tulle to tie bows instead of ribbon.Going green is also huge right now so try to recycle-old burlap-bags. I also love fabric wrapping- there is an awesome tutorial for wrapping with fabric on this website....

websites that teach you how to make certain ribbons

Want to learn how to tie a tiffany box ribbon click here!

I love filing jars with ornaments- I'm already using something I have and it gives some sparkle to your mantle or table.
I love using monochromatic color schemes when I decorate- added with a metallic- this year was red with gold and white
This is a basket you can fill for when guests come to your house- complete with extra hotel shampoos-toothbrush water bottle- snacks -magazines fresh towels- and anything else you think your guests will need when they come to stay. My other favorite thing to do is fold over my toilet paper into a diamond shape- it's amazing how the little things can make people smile.
Different textures and shapes of ornaments in apothecary jars- you can find other containers like this at vale village-DI-salvation army and even junkyards- it will surprise you what a can of spray paint can do to some old candelabras
I made some peppermint snow cupcakes{vanilla dipped in coconut with a candy cane in the middle}-
what makes these even cuter is to get those round coke bottles- peel off the labels put over the cupcake and they look like snow-globes of the north pole!-
unfortunately I ran out of time- got to use my
target cake stand though

Some of my fav favorite entertaining tips

Engage all 5 senses when entertaining- This is one of the First things I learned in my Event Planning classes. For someone to experience something profound you need to engage as many of the senses as possible.

Smell-When guests walk into your house they'll get a first impression-burn a candle- get a scentsy warmer if your concerned about candles- or boil some pine needles/orange peels-or cinnamon sticks

Sight- It's all about color- I love making the colors of my house match my events- that's why I have neutral furnishings and I accent my color in pillows throws and art. The best way to transform a space is by revamping reusing and recycling items for a different color scheme. For instance I have a white pillow that I will cut out something themed from felt for every event I do at my home- it changes with the season- and felt costs maybe a dollar or two- I will also paint and repaint canvases- use a 40 percent off coupon at michels to get canvas then either dollar store paint or mis-tints from a paint store. I find if you have parties done in a color scheme it will make it a lot more cohesive. It will also create a larger impact.- Lighting is also huge- fireplace-replace the bulbs with black lights coloured ones- use up-lights to highlight certain areas- you can get these at ikea.

Taste -I'm by no means a cook I love to bake -and have a few dishes that are good but I find if it's for a prty -food can be a huge factor to whether or not your gusts have fun. So either host aprty with someone else who is an awesome cook- or order things from the deli/farmers market/mnm meat shop- It will make your stress go way down! Also check for guests food allergies- for instance my hubby is allergic to nuts and it's hard for him to trust things at parties. So its nice to ask.

Touch – Add throw blankets textured presents-a little gift you can give to people as they leave. This makes the guest feel welcome in your home. I love to make goodie baskets for guests that come overnight. Complete with some toiletries ,magazines,something to eat bottled water some fresh towels- all put into a basket on their bed. I also love to fold my toilet paper so it looks like the hotel ones- just fold the two corners under so it makes a diamond point. I know kindve funny but its the little things that make a difference. Invest in good linens for your guest room- them getting a good nights sleep can make a huge difference in happiness the whole week.

Sound- music can always set a mood- like I said before i tunes has a great feature on their radio where you pick the genre- they have tons of stations at x-mas and its free as long as you have the internet an i pod and speakers. You can also borrow cds from friends or go to the library.

Other fav's

Borrow what you don't have. My motto is reuse reinvent and recycle!

When you're young and just starting out in life, you're probably short on d├ęcor, dishes and table linens. Ask to borrow from a friend or family member. You could even check-out festive CDs and movies from your local library. Visit free attractions instead of paying for the pricey ones. Zoo lights are fun, but bring the whole family and you’ll easily spend a mint. Go to a Nativity Pageant- Look at High-school Christmas Concerts and Plays- visit a neighbourhood that has a holiday light decorating contest -Go downtown and Look at the window displays- go to the lake and ice-skate or sled- read a christmas book- watch a movie- there's so much to do around the holidays that dosn't cost a lot to make a memory.

This post is getting a little long and no pictures-

I'm a fan of the pics...

so I'll do another on My favorite party theme ideas for christmas.


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