Monday, November 30, 2009

it Snowed!

It snowed lightly all day today, its a good thing I had my hat in my bag.
It is very weird that we didn't have snow for Halloween and here we are the day before December and it's beginning to look like Christmas.

But it means getting out the snow shovel and keeping the sidewalk clear. I try to do it before I sit down for dinner or to relax on the couch because I might never get back up.

So while I was still motivated I dropped off my bag, helped get the boys in their pajamas and headed for the garage. The boys followed me and wanted to go out. I tried distracting them, carrying them upstairs. They were determined, they wanted to go out to the garage.

Inspiration! Let them out but put them in the new van. At the dealership last week they liked climbing through it. So I put them in closed the door and started shoveling.

Bree was on the phone to Brooke and wondered where everyone went. She saw me outside but couldn't see the boys in the car... until the lights inside went on, then off, then on, then off, then on....

I could even hear the laughter coming through the phone. They could feel the inspiration too.

So for 20 minutes they pretended to drive the van, turned on every light, pushed every button, sat in every seat, and played with the stereo. The van it turns out has a feature Chrysler forgot to charge for, a playpen!

Just don't tell them or your van will be more expensive.

(Greyson even cried when the driveway was clear and we took them back inside)

And we were worried they would miss the Rav.



  1. haha we're gonna have to try that!

  2. just be careful-- I have a Chrysler playpen too, and one time too many in the playpen will give you a dead battery in the morning. Even with all the 'safety' features and 'automatic shut offs'. Liars.