Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Some of you might be wondering why Brandon is sporting a mustache- yes a full blown mustache well...November is prostate Cancer awareness month and a bunch of guys he works with at shell trading including Brandon have been growing just their staches for this awareness cause... for a whole month- they laugh each time someone comes in after the weekend to see how much their facial hair has grown and everything in their office right now is mo this mo that-super funny-It's almost been a month- and believe me next week we'll have legendary pictures of them all together- I think Brandon looks like he could be a cowboy in the old west! I've never ever seen him with facial hair like this- it's pretty hilarious- and the boys thnk it's funny to touch it. Here's the website just in case anyones interested? gave me a good laugh!
stay tuned for the pictures next week!

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