Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My tree and sock dilemma

my boys climb on the couch- theyve already knocked the tree over...I'm terrified to put anything up.- The white kind've looks like natural first with fallen snow though...-but it's killing me not to put up my ornaments- I just know It will be a constant battle all through december if they go up. Not sure I want that battle.
my finished nativity- I love it! My first ever-and indestructable!
Ornament hanger form ikea- best 2 bucks ever spent- I love this little contraption- lets me get some of the ornaments out! Also comes in white.
Filled up my apothecary jars with some ornaments- I love how they glitter
some cozy pillows
presents are safe up there- put I miss my stockings!- yes I'm worried about the boys pulling them down- I didn't think about this 2 years ago- so what do you guys do to kid proof your holiday attire?



  1. hint ALL my ornaments are unsmashable, you get them at superstore for cheap and pretty

  2. I'm going to be facing this dilemma this weekend when I clue what to expect. Last year Gracie was too small to really get into things so this year will be an adventure- share any great ideas you get!!

  3. Shatterproof Ornaments. I LOVE the idea of the tree BEHIND the couch. We have a mini one right now and it's up on a table... kinda tacky, but it is what it is. Stockings I have hung up on the wall out of reach (although I don't have a fireplace, I probably would have them up high like this anyway). I find that kids are really good at learning - when they're about 5 or 6....haha. I'd get cheaper decorations that you don't care as much about and put them up for the next few years.... that's MY suggestions, for what it's worth.

  4. You seem to have done a pretty good job at toddler proofing. The presents make me laugh :) I am still debating about whether I want ornaments on my tree this year not just because of Ethan but Reese too.