Saturday, November 28, 2009

our newest addition...

hugging danger
last time in our driveway :(
Brandon leavin in style!
our newest addition!!!

no not baby johnson...
the battlestar!
Ok well we havn't quite named it yet- yes we name our cars.
Today was a very fun day but a sad day. We Bought a minivan to prepare for Baby Johnsons arrival and traded in our Rav 4.
We got the Rav in 2006 just after we were married and it has been the funnest car to have. It reminds us of being so in love and young and especially reminded us of our old ward and us both being in Young mens and Young Womens-transporting crazy kids around. We have amazing memories from being in Midnapore ward. The Rav is what we brought the boys home in from the hospital- it's driven us on vacations- it's given me many great moments of blasting music with the windows down when I needed a minute to feel alive.
Needless to say it was hard to let our third born go...
I also vowed I would never buy a van- I had a complex about them- that it made me old to have one. However after today I have to say that my mind is changed vans have come a long way since the 90's.
so without further ado..the newest addition
our new black dodge caravan- since there is only one color you can buy cars in :)
{If your a johnson}
I have to say my fav's are the dvd system the window shades- remote car started and garage door openers programed in.
The leather seats with my own climate control is also heaven-
brandon can heat up to 104 and I can be in bliss in -40 ac :)
I love technology.
The boys also loved watching finding nemo and all the lights-
it will certainly make our road trips so much easier
I feel pretty lucky today to get a new car. Thanks Babe-
Our little family is going to love this car.



  1. cute! And no vans aren't THAT bad! jk! i loved mine too even though it wasn't nearly as decked out as yours! look at you go! And yes, if I ever got to pick the colour of my car it would always be black! (According to my bro-in-law he also thinks it's the only colour vehicles should come in). Hope you enjoy it and I can't wait to go for a ride with you!

  2. SO awesome! I can't wait to get a bigger car. I am sure you will have lots of great memories with this car too! I am excited to hear the name you come up with....