Saturday, December 19, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things....

I've been asked lately by a couple of fellow bloggers what some of my favorite things are and what sparks my brain. I also find it fascinating to see what others love and what inspires them so feel free to write about what you love and send me the link- I love looking at new treasures!

I was listening to the sound of music song on the radio and decided this could be a fun blog post to show you some my new favs... so without further ado here they are in no particular order... cause they all make me blissfully happy!

1. junkyard finds revamped- I love getting something for nothing and making it worth something. My favs are mirrors old doors- shutters and dressers. This girl's blog has some awesome inspiration pieces. I'm currently working on revamping an old settee and chair. some things just need a little tlc and a different view to make them beautiful again.

2. Heels- anyone who knows me knows I love my heels I wore them to the hospital to deliver my twin boys. I own one pair of runners to exercise in. Once again- why not dress up - My favorite pair of heels are pink stilettos with silver bottoms. Oh beautiful. My dream one day is to buy some christian louboutin shoes on the champselyees in paris. You'll know them because they have red soles.

3. Mac makeup- I love that you can go into a mac store and if you promise to buy 50 dollars worth of makeup they give you a free lesson. I try and do one every season to see what's new in makeup. Plus who dosn't love getting their makeup done. I love the smell of their makeup remover wipes. Fluid line eyeliner is amazing and all their brushes are phenomenal- my personal fav is the blending brush for foundation- it makes your skin look airbrushed! Do you ever have a hard time making eye shadow show up on your skin- mac paints are a great way to make your eye makeup show up. #7 fake eyelashes are amazing if you want to make your eyes pop. Can you tell I'm a mac fan? I won't buy my makeup anywhere else. Thats how hooked I am.

4. silhouettes- of everything-chandeliers faces owls birds ect- I love them on paper fabric- logos-jewelry, accesscories, clothing. They suck me in! How awesome are these necklaces for mothers day! And that bow I just adore!

5. Amy Butler Fabrics I love the bright colors amy uses on her fabrics-they are reminiscent of the 70's but have a modern flair. I love making blankets skirts ties out of her amazing prints. Her new collection love is to die for!

6. Rosette necklaces- and bib necklaces! Oh man I'm obsessed with these bad boys right now missrubysue has some high quality beautiful pieces that I'm in love with. I am an accesscorie lover and I love how these can go with almost any outfit and color! There's also this gorgeous beauty from stella and dot. Such a classy piece and goes with that little black dress any season!
7. Crave coconut cupcakes- these babies are only available in Calgary- but cupcakes in general make me happy. I love the flaky coconut and buttercream frosting. Delectable! I also adore their retro website!
8. My Apple Macbook-I love how fast my computer is and how I can drag and drop pictures and files. I adore I- photo and I- chat. It didn't take me as long as I thought it would to convert from a pc. I also love that it's white because it reminds me of wedding dresses.

9. Dresses- I could seriously live every day in a dress. I love them I love to feel feminine I love ruffles I love color. I love how they flatter my figure. Jeans just arn't my thing I maybe have 2 pairs of jeans. This dress is the new dress shabby apple is going to start making in their new spring line. I've had my eye on it for a while. It was designed by grosgrain- It reminds me of spring and It's definitely my favorite thing right now. I also love the top dress from anthropology it's called the horizon line dress- it incorporates scallops and layers- and I'm in love with it's finesse and whimsy.

10- Acrylic serving wear. I"m in love with this new trend right now. I love how it adds some sparkle to the food and gives you a creative way of displaying gorgeous food. There are people on etsy's alchemy that can make them- I've looked everywhere online for ones like this but have not been successful luckily I have a very talented dad who can make anything!

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  1. Thanks for sharing all your favorite things Bree!! You have so much personality and it shows in everything you do, even in your 'happy' lists!!